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Arizona Desert Glow

Apothecary Self Love

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Each moment is beautiful but you can also create them! Don't be afraid to try.

there has been a handful of gold filled rings put in random order into these candles, as you burn your candle you might be surprised with a ring covered in foil. Take some tweezers and take it out from the melted wax - it's yours!

*rings may not be traded for something else

* all sales are final

*you may or may not get a ring

Saffron notes: bergamot, rose, violet, raspberry, leather + saffron

Freesia notes: strawberry, raspberry, sugar, vanilla + freesia

Strawberry Peach Champagne notes: raspberry, currants, coconut, strawberry, peach + champagne

Pink Passion Fruit notes: pink passion fruit, hibiscus, sugar, vanilla + musk

Soy Wax | 7oz 49 hr burn time