Top 5 Summer Scents for Your Home

Our home is such a private place and only in our home is where we feel safe. Home is where we can be ourselves and enjoy all the things that makes us truly happy. Scents have a lot to do with that! Since children we recognize and reminiscence with special scents of the past. All of that starts in the home and with the people we love the most. Candles play a huge role in making memories forever.

We have loved and valued every story we hear during our in-person markets by everyday people. So we took those special stories and combined it with our bestsellers to give you the five top scents to make your home a special place to be.

1. Orange Blossom: This candle is literally Arizona in a bottle!

2. Garden Dreams:

3. Tropical Paradise:

4. Unwind

5. Stay A Little

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