We are a husband and wife small business located in Mesa, Arizona and we were inspired by the Arizona Desert Glow which in nature is very beautiful & breathtaking. Our goal is to empower every man and woman to also feel like they 'glow' themselves with our unique product line. We strongly believe that you shouldn't spend hundreds of dollars in a bag to feel and look beautiful! Ultimately, beauty is not how you look, but how you feel! We are confident that our product will not only satisfy every necessary checkmark but it will also make you feel cute, trendy, fashionable and beautiful without hurting your wallet. Just as our sunsets gives us the joy to be alive, we promise to bring you products that will make a difference in your life and with vibrant colors that will make you count your blessings one by one, because we sure are counting ours! Thank you for letting us serve you. Thank you for supporting a small business. Thank you for shopping local. 


Ruth + Jordan