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Arizona Desert Glow

Toasted Coconut

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Creamy and soft, this fragrance is so soothing. The right amount of coconut notes will fill your space with comfort.

 almond, coconut milk, caramelized sugar, sandalwood, sugar + tonka bean

12oz | Virgin Coconut Soy Wax | 85hr burn time | Vegan | FSC Certified Wooden Wick | Pesticide Free Coconuts

Free of the 4 P's: Phthalates, Paraffins, Preservatives and Petroleum

CANDLE CARE: The first time you light your candle, let it burn for the 3-4 hours to allow the melted wax to reach the edge of the container to prevent your candle from tunneling. After the first burn, trim wick to 1/4in before lighting each time.